OldMil // Chris Newman Deluxe Combo @ White Eagle

When: Friday, March 9 at 9 PM – 12 AM

Where: The White Eagle – 836 N Russell St, Portland, Oregon 97227

What: It’s going to be a night of Portland Rock with these 2 bands. Starting out with OldMil at 9PM playing 2 sets and the ending off with legendary Chris Newman and his Deluxe Combo band.

Black Sheep Black with Ian Moore and OldMil @ The White Eagle

When: Friday, February 9 at 9 PM – 12:30 AM

Where: The White Eagle – 836 N Russell St, Portland, Oregon 97227

What: Looking forward to our first show of 2018. We’ll be joined by our pals in Old Mill and the talented Ian Moore. Old Mill kicks things off at 9pm. Come on down, grab a whiskey and hang out by the fire pit.



OldMil Christmas Party @ Old Gilbert Road Tavern

When: Saturday, December 23, 2017 at 8 PM – 10 PM

Where: Old Gilbert Road Tavern – 5501 SE 72nd Ave, Portland, Oregon 97206

What: Get out of the house and join us to celebrate Christmas with the Lo-Hi and our Schweddy Balls. We start playing at 8PM so it’s an early show. Located on SE 72nd & Harold.


OldMil CD Release // Haymaker // Steve Wilkinson with Grant Cumpston @ The Secret Society Sep 22nd

When: Friday, September 22, 2017 at 9 PM

Where: The Secret Society – 116 NE Russell St, Portland, Oregon 97212

What: Old Mil

Old MIl was started as a Monday night jam session, a reason to get out of the house and start drinking with music buddies. These Monday’s were filled with alcohol inspiration and long jam sessions.
After a year of dealing with “Headache Tuesdays” the band is ready to take the Mondays to other nights and have others join them in their nights of rock and roll and of course drinking.


Founded in 1992, Portland, Oregon based Haymaker enjoyed success through much of the nineties. The band received national press and major label attention for multiple releases including several singles and one full length album “The Dream Ride Home”. Haymaker performed to large audiences across the western United States and gained a national reputation for amazing live shows.
After disbanding in 1998 to pursue other musical interests, Haymaker reformed in 2011 and and found their loyal fan base waiting for them. Haymaker has been performing select shows
and recording ever since.
To great anticipation, Haymaker will release a new album on June 20th, 2014. The new album will be available at retail outlets as well as Itunes, Bandcamp and CD Baby. Shaped by the hardships of the Great Recession and powered by the lyrical talent of frontman
Steve Lockwood, this collection of new material is driven by raw energy and emotion. Most songs were recorded live and some were improvised, but every track shines with honesty and authenticity.


Old Mill plays the Portland Rose Festival June 10th

When: Saturday, June 10, 2017 at 7 PM – 8 PM

Where: Portland Rose Festival – 1020 SW Naito Pkwy, Portland, Oregon 97204

What: Old Mill will be taking the stage at the Portland Rose Festival to deliver the R.O.C.K. Come join us for the all-ages event.


Old Mill // Black Sheep Black // Melville at The White Eagle on Feb 25th

When: Saturday, February 25, 2017 at 8 PM – 11 PM

Where: The White Eagle – 836 N Russell St, Portland, Oregon 97227

What: It’s going to a great night of music and we will starting it off early at 9:00PM sharp. This is great for you early to bed people (you know who you are). After us are our buddies Black Sheep Black and then the youngsters Melville will close out the night.
Three bands in one night (stating the obvious)! We hope to see everyone there!

Old Mill – Keep on, keepin’ on @ The White Eagle Oct 15th

When: Saturday, October 15, 2016 at 8 PM – 2 AM
Where: The White Eagle – 836 N Russell St, Portland, Oregon 97227
What: We are once again we will be ROCKING with our brothers Black Sheep Black!


Then after their awesomeness The Bonfire District will be keeping you up till the wee hours of the night.


Old Mill Rocking Cartlandia October 7th

October 7th 9PM-10PM


Come listen to us rock and at the same time eat from one of the many food carts available. 2 important things taken care of in one event. Rock & Food which may better than Rock & Roll. I doubt it though.

Don’s Birthday Party & p:ear Benefit Show feat. Old Mill, Tales Untold, Dirty Looks, Here Comes Everybody at The Secret Society

Tickets: http://ticketf.ly/1N9iWTh

Don’s Birthday Party & Benefit Show for p:ear, featuring Old Mill, Tales Untold, DJ Dirty Looks, Here Comes Everybody.

p:ear builds positive relationships with homeless and transitional youth through education, art and recreation to affirm personal worth and create more meaningful and healthier lives. Each year programs serve almost 900 homeless and transitional young people ages 15 to 24.

To truly exit homelessness, kids must develop the internal strength, skills and foresight to make healthy choices. p:ear provides a safe, non-judgmental environment in which youth are trusted to outgrow unproductive and harmful behaviors. p:ear offers individualized mentoring and education programs in a safe, reliable setting designed to foster trust, build self-esteem and to teach homeless and transitional kids – who all too often are regarded by society as disposable, “hopeless cases” – that they are valuable individuals with a future who have something vital to contribute to this community.

p:ear staff and volunteers serve as mentors, friends, and role models, while p:ear’s unique programs create opportunities for young people to grow intellectually, express themselves constructively, communicate in positive ways and engage in meaningful interactions with the larger community of Portland. This is not work that can be accomplished in the short-term. These are relationships based on trust that take years to cultivate and require enormous dedication to sustain.

Staff are committed to being there for p:ear youth over the long-haul to share failures and successes, mundane events as well as life-altering milestones.

p:ear mentors youth through education, art and recreation. Learn more about p:ear programs here.

Make a difference in the lives of p:ear youth: volunteer or make a gift. p:ear is a 501(c)(3) organization and gifts are tax-deductible. p:ear’s tax ID/EIN is 93-1327944.